Q1. How long does it take to tour
Pymatuning Deer Park?

A1. On average, at least one hour is required.

Q2. Can we bring our own food into the park
to feed to the animals?

A2. State law prohibits food brought in from
outside the park for feeding the animals.

Q3. Are cameras permitted?
A3.Cameras of all types are encouraged,
as you are up-close and personal with
most of the animals displayed,
and there are many opportunities for
hands-on interaction.

Q4. Are wagons or strollers available for rent?
A4. No, however, the use of strollers or wagons is highly recommended.

Q5. Is Pymatuning Deer Park wheelchair accessible?
A5.The park is wheelchair accessible and
there are blacktop walks, however, there
are several steep hills that demand adult
assistance with manual chairs.

Q6. Are there any concession stands or
places to eat at Pymatuning Deer Park?

A6. One concession is located adjacent to
our picnic area prior to entering the park.
It offers items such as refreshments, foot longs,
hotdogs, chicken strips & nuggets, French fries,
nachos, pizza logs, and ice cream novelties.
A second concession is located inside the park
in the Western Town area.
It offers refreshments, fresh-popped popcorn,
candy, and ice cream novelties .

Q7. Does Pymatuning Deer Park have a pavilion,
and can it be reserved?

A7. One large pavilion is located outside the park
in our picnic area. It is filled on a “first-come,
first-serve” basis. Individual tables or the entire
pavilion may be reserved by calling ahead to
verify availability.

Q8. Does Pymatuning Deer Park offer group rates?
A8. Discounted rates are available.
See the “Park Hours & Fees” page.

Q9. Does Pymatuning Deer Park host birthday parties?
A9. See Hours & Fees page for group discount information.